Electronic voting voter fraud?

The Blue Lemur blog has some interesting stuff about the variance in exit polls and actual results in states that use electronic voting machines and those that do not (or those that have them but with paper trails).

Exit polling accurately predicted the results in most states with very little error. Where there were discrepancies, they were significant in the +5 percent range, and always favored Bush.

No paper trails mean no way to contest this. Also interesting is how the AP ‘adjusted’ their exit poll data after they realized they were off by so much. I wonder how past exit poll accuracy compares to this year.

UPDATE (11-09-2004): More details just keep coming:

One thought on “Electronic voting voter fraud?

  1. I think its pretty clear the entire system needs some serious overhauls even after the laws passed post 2000 – from people being paid per registration form, to 10hour lines on voting day, to electonic voting systems with no paper trail its pretty clear things need improvement.

    On this years results and oddities looks like Ralph Nader may be trying to get back to his roots as consumer (voter) advocate:

    And Keith Olbermann (MSNBC) & staff seem to be working on something on the various odd cases around the country for his show this week:

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