The Chopping Block is hiring

We are looking for some web nerds.

We’re looking for a crack developer with unmatched flash abilities. Successful candidate should end the match in one round based upon his/her XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript, dynamic Flash experience skills.

We’re loooking for a designer with fancy foot work and the strong graphic design muscles. Must be able to command the fight from round one right through to the knockout (no tko’s).

We’re looking for a manager who is not afraid of stepping into the ring and landing a few solid punches. Must be able to inspire other fighters to go the extra round and not afraid to sometimes help put in that plastic mouthpiece.

We’re looking for the kind of person that it is impossible to make boxing analogies for… Bust out the nerd glasses, we’re looking for programmers. Database architecture, Back end scripting capabilities (PHP, ASP, Java, XML, XSLT), experience with website CMS systems and dynamic Flash integration a plus.

So if you are in New York City, send your info here:

3 thoughts on “The Chopping Block is hiring

  1. If I apply and I got the job, could I share your desk? weeee!

    It also says ‘so if you’re in New York’ – does that mean you guys/gals are discriminating against Chicago folks?

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