I’m heading up to Toronto for FITC tomorrow evening. Unfortunately I’m not giving a presentation – I suppose Canadians don’t believe in good Flash Player detection ;) – but I’m sure I’ll have a good time anyway.

If you see me wandering around, feel free to say ‘hi’. (I look like this)

7 thoughts on “FITC

  1. Where can I get information on using the flash Object (other than what you posted)?
    I am trying to use it and I didn’t have an Id, so I tried to set it to null, but
    that doesn’t work. I can see it is placing my movie (because I can click on it and
    see the flash info menu come up), but my movie isn’t playing. Do I need to make another
    CSS id to handle that? Confused/

  2. All the information you need should be covered on the FlashObject page. If you are still having troubles, try joining the FlashObject Mailing list (linked on the FlashObject page) and post a link to your page and explain what you are having trouble with.

  3. I’ll be sure to say hi and thank you if i see you!
    Your FO is da best!

    P.S.: We canadians (i’m taking the liberty of talking for all of us) love good Flash Player detection =)

  4. All the best for your trip to Toronto. Don’t know about Canadians but i believe in good Flash Player detection. Get all the info on Flash Object.
    Enjoy yourself.

  5. What better info can i get on flash object than what i got it here on your blog. I believe in good Flash Player detection and your blog too.
    Wishing u all the luck for your trip to Toronto!

  6. Your conference must be over by now and hope that u r back. It might be a great success and hope u enjoyed it a lot. Not a presentation but there were many others to whom u could listen to. I enjoyed reading about Flash Object!

  7. Lot of info on flash object on your site. Must be back by now. Its good to listen to others also. Doesn’t matter u didn’t have a presentation. What matters most is that u were the part of this prestigous conference.

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