FlashObject Breeze presentation

I gave a presentation to the Minnesota Flash Users Group last night all about FlashObject and the benefits of using it. It went really well aside from my technical issues – When I first logged in, it worked fine, but after I adjusted my microphone, my browser crashed and then wouldn’t work at all after that. Firefox and Safari both would just hang when I tried to log in to the breeze room.

I ended up switching to my new Intel Mac Mini at the list minute and presented on that. But I guess Adobe hasn’t updated the Breeze screen sharing plugin to support the Intel macs yet, so I was stuck copy/pasting code into the whiteboard. I think it still turned out pretty well, so if you are new to FlashObject, this presentation might be a good overview of the advantages of using it.

You can view the presentation here. Enjoy! And thanks to the Minnesota User Group for asking me to present.

4 thoughts on “FlashObject Breeze presentation

  1. Thanks, was really helpful. It gave me the answers to a few questions I’ve been too lazy to look up :)

  2. Thanks alot for your time on the presentation. Way to work through the technical issues!
    Thanks again,

  3. It has solved not only your problem but mine too. Yes i m new to FlashObject and this presentation will be of great help not to me alone but many facing problems like this.
    Good presentation!!!

  4. Thanks a lot. Your presentation has dealt with technical issues really well. Looking for the solution for a long time and ended it here.
    Thanks for the good presentation!

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