Today is ActiveX Black Tuesday

Today Microsoft will release their ‘Active Content’ patch for Internet Explorer 6. From a recent blog post on the MS Security Response Center:

The second issue is that we have a number of security vulnerabilities in IE that are scheduled to be addressed in our next release of security bulletins on Tuesday April 11, 2006. As you know, in order to reduce the complexity of updates and to improve quality, we ship all IE updates as cumulative updates. As a result, the April security updates will include the non-security ActiveX change to respond to the Eolas case.

If you’ve been following this at all since back in December, you’ll already know that you can use FlashObject to get around these changes and your users won’t need to ‘activate’ anything. But for those of you who are new to this issue, you can read an old blog post of mine that covers all the details and links out to all the important sites you might need to check out. It also covers a small bug in the update that I’m hoping has been fixed in this latest release (the script debugging issue).

Hope everyone enjoys the update!