10 Years of Flash (again)

This is the second time I’ve mentioned the 10 year anniversary of Flash. The first time it was to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of FutureSplash, and now we have the ‘official’ anniversary of Flash.

And to celebrate, Adobe had some big gala event in San Francisco, and made this little interactive Video timeline thing that takes about 5 minutes to load and then nearly hangs my Powerbook (way to play to the stereotype, Adobe!).

Anyway, if you snoop around in 2004 you’ll see a mention of SWFObject, which is pretty cool.

12 thoughts on “10 Years of Flash (again)

  1. yeah man. 10 years and we havent learned a thing?? its an anniversary present for flash-bashers. less time on spinning the earth, longer interviews pleez.

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