I’m on the BBC!

After my session at Flash on the Beach I was interviewed by a BBC reporter. I ended up getting into the article and on the air (or was it just the podcast? who knows).

You can read the article here where they misspelled my name (twice!) and in the podcast they say I’m a ‘Freelance Java developer’ of which I am neither… But I can’t be too hard on him, as he’s probably not the first person to confuse Java with Javascript.

Here’s the article, and here’s a direct link to the mp3. Fast forward to around 24:00 to hear my part.

5 thoughts on “I’m on the BBC!

  1. Hi Jeff! Apparently the show was transmitted on the BBC world service but I’m not sure when it went out. The news item was transcribed from the podcast by a different journalist, they originally got both my surname and even my first name wrong!

    But drop me a mail and I’ll send you the email address of the guy you need to contact to fix the errors!

    see you soon!


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