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While I was at Flash on the Beach back in December, I met Dave and didn’t even realize he was the dave from Pilotvibe and the organizer of Flashbelt. Schematic sent a few people up there last year to give presentations, and they all said it was fantastic, so I was very excited when Dave invited me to speak at this year’s conference.

I’ll be giving a talk called Progressive Enhancement with Flash that will cover stuff like:

  • Using SWFObject (maybe SWFFix by then) to embed Flash content
  • Using progressive enhancement to allow search engines to properly index your content and increase SEO for Flash websites
  • Flash content vs. Flash style, and how to treat them differently
  • Deep linking and back button support in Flash

And a few other areas. I should also be able to talk about SWFFix a bit (hopefully it will be fully released by then, but who knows).

Go check out the Flashbelt page for more info. I can’t give you a direct link to my session, but it’s listed there in the session list. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

12 thoughts on “Speaking at Flashbelt

  1. Lately, within the last two weeks or so, I’ve noticed that my flash movies are asking me to “click to active” in both IE6 and IE7. The funny thing is that I am not embedding the flash movies on the page, but using SWFOBJECT to write them into the document.
    It seems that this started to happen recently, as for a long time, swfobject worked like a charm to get ride of the IE activation message.

    I’ve been trying to find more information regarding this behaving, but I am coming up empty handed.

    Have you heard of this happening even when using swfobject?

    If you need a test site to see the issue, please let me know and I will set something up.


  2. Had a great time at FlashBelt and enjoyed your presentation. I look forward to next years event and hearing more about Flash content and style.

  3. Thanks.

    “Version 1.3 of FlashObject and 1.5 of SWFObject are not working in IE7 on Vista. It does continue to work in FireFox, though. Please HELP!”


    This information is correct. Good job.

  4. FlashObject 1.3 and SWFObject 1.5 seem to be not working on Vista in IE7. Maybe someone knows anything about it?

  5. I think a balance between Marketplace and your own site will be the key. But no details about WP Marketplace have been revealed yet? So it might not even be possible to link back to your site

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