Going West

Three years ago I moved from Tucson, AZ to the big city of New York. And now, in about two weeks I’ll be leaving the east coast for San Francisco.

I’m very happy to announce that I recently accepted a job working at Google (specifically on YouTube). We’re moving out on May 1st, and don’t know too many people out there, so if you’re in the area and want to get some beers, let me know!

New York is a fantastic city, and I’m a a bit sad to leave it (and Schematic), but at the same time am at least equally excited about the new job.

40 thoughts on “Going West

  1. Congratulations on your new job – I am sure its going to be an exciting adventure :-)

  2. dude, that’s awesome! congrats! will miss running into you randomly in the East Village. when’s the going away party?

  3. Congrats. Was this a position you found through their corporate site, or did they contact you themselves. You’re all over the net, so I could see how and why they’d recruit you.

  4. Hey Geoff, Thats awesome your coming out here. Up until a few months ago, you tube was headquartered 4 blocks from my home in San Mateo, now its just a little way’s up the road in San Bruno. Let me know if you need any help with local stuff. I’m working in San Francisco these days, but It would be great to grab a beer. — Cody

  5. GRATS! I came the reverse direction, same spots, bout 4 years ago, youll love it there. Checked out the old co., may have to follow your trail.

  6. Dude, that rox! A) Google is pretty cool. B) YouTube is really cool. C) California is SUPER COOL!

    Congrats, and a hint of jealousy ;-)

  7. Hey Man!

    I am a flash guy who’s also new to the city (SF)… but I’ve learned some cool places around here if you want to get a drink sometime.

    Hit me up if you’re down for a good beer and some parties.


  8. Just moved from the Bay area and I miss everything about it already except for the high price of housing, the four day weeknd is what I enjoyed th e most about living in San Fransico. Congratulations on getting the Google gig and I hope you enjoy your new home.

  9. I’ve used your script on many sites. I’ll be in San Fran between 10th and 14th August, I owe you a beer. Cheers

  10. zomg your moving along rather well… been a long while since we chatted. gratz on the new job. lol.

  11. I love San Fransisco. It is an amazing town, with so much to do. I currently live in Texas but I plan to move out there soon. I will see you there!

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