XM Radio Online launched

We just finished up version 1 of the XM Radio Online player. I’ve been working on the UI for this for the last few weeks, hooking it up to their XML back end and wrestling with the Windows Media Player plugin setup. Unfortunately it will only play on Internet Explorer on a PC because of a previously mentioned problem I encountered when building it, which is really too bad considering I don’t even own a PC to enjoy this on (I’ve been enjoying OS X for the last year or so).

Go sign up for the free three day trial and check it out.

UPDATE: The Windows Media Player 10 version launched today – grab WMP 10 and hit the dropdown in the top right corner and select XM Radio.

UPDATE (10-23-2004): I just realized I forgot to mention a little easter egg in the online player: you can use your arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate the channels and the spacebar selects them.

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