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Well, for x-mas I got an amazing amount of comment spam. And the best part is that it doesn’t even advertise for anything. I recently renamed my wp-comments-post.php file to try and cut back on the comment spam I was getting, and it was working until today. The worst part is that the spam isn’t even advertising anything, it’s just random characters and random names, so I can’t filter it at all. It’s like someone just wants to annoy me.

So not cool.

Anyone have new suggestions on how to cut back on the spam? I’d like to implement a forced preview for my comments anyway, so maybe there are new WordPress plugins out since the last time I checked a few weeks ago that can help me out?

12 thoughts on “Random WordPress comment spam

  1. That sucks. I thought that renaming the wp-comments-post.php file was a pretty good solution. (It’s been working fine for me on one of the blogs that I maintain.)

    They must have a spider that’s just searching for a “form” tag and submitting it. I wonder if renaming the input field names would work?

  2. Have you tried either Kitten’s Spaminator or Spam karma. They both work on the principle of rating the comment’s content then giving it a score. Anything thought to be spam is sent to be moderated.

    I use Kitten’s Spaminator and it’s worked great. Spam karma is more comprehensive, more options to fiddle with.

    As for the ramdom text spam, I’ve heard rumors that it’s designed to reduce spam filter accuracy, a sort of pre-spam offensive.

  3. My last comment post didn’t appear on the page. I’m assuming it was caught by a s p a m filter for saying that word too much.

    My idea was to use either spam karme or kitten’s spaminator.

  4. Your comment got caught because it had too many links. I think I have it set to two or three links and it will hold it for approval.

    So far the ‘Spam stopgap extreme’ isn’t working. I’ve closed off most of my old posts that don’t need comments open anyway, but they keep finding others that are still open and posting to those.

    Thanks for the tips on the other spam catchers, I’ll check them out.

  5. Do you really care what we have to say? My solution was to take comments off of my site, but that’s because I was dealing with a bunch of 11 year olds. Carrie sucks balls!

    How about one of those “Type the numbers/letters in the image” type of things?

  6. Yeah I don’t have a problem closing most of the posts, but there are a few that I need to have feedback on, like the FlashObject post, and a few others where some good discussion has popped up.

    And I hate those number entry things. They just piss me off and I think they are terrible for usability. Maybe a big site like ebay needs them, but it’s definitely not for me.

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