Katrina: how can you help?

Aside from the usual Red Cross website, here are two other websites that may be of interest to everyone:

I’m OK Registry – Enter the phone number of a loved one to see if they have checked in, or ask questions about a person by entering their phone number and posting a message. This is an excellent resource for people who may have relatives in the area and are wondering if they are ok.

Displaced Designer – A resource for those in the creative industry recently displaced by the on-going situation in New Orleans and the surrounding region. Offer up desk space to a designer who needs a place to work, or find a desk if you are a designer who no longer has a place to work because of the hurricane / flooding.

Please help spread the word about these sites. If more people see them, more people can help.

2 thoughts on “Katrina: how can you help?

  1. Hi,……….im not sure what this site is for, but I wanted to know if I would
    be able to volunteer my services for my thanksgiving break and possibly my X-mas
    break……because I am a college student and I believe my family will understand
    if I am not able to be there with them, but able to help others in needs and
    especailly since its the holidays. I wanted to give money so bad but I take care
    of myself at school and if i do give it will be under $50 and I want to give so SO MUCH MORE…….THANK YOU

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