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Please note that the FlashObject mailing list has been retired, and the SWFObject mailing list has replaced it.

FlashObject has been gaining a lot more popularity lately, and with it the number of requests for help has gone up steadily (what, my tutorials aren’t good enough? ;)). So I created a mailing list just for FlashObject related questions!

Sign up now by going here and filling out the form. (And make sure you watch your spam folder for the confirmation e-mail!)

Once you are signed up, send any problems or issues you might be having (it’s ALWAYS better if you include code samples or a link to the page you are having issues with) or even new feature requests.


7 thoughts on “FlashObject mailing list

  1. I just wanted to let you know that on your page with links about FlashObject, you link to Paul’s CMX extension (do you guys work together now?)… he has a newer version of that extension out now – http://www.communitymx.com/abstract.cfm?cid=3DA1E

    That said, it looks like you’ve updated since he has — so if he’s in the next cubicle, poke him and tell him he needs to update us again… ;) Ciao and thanks for your hard work on this…

  2. im probably going yo come off as a cry babby here. but flash object is awsome. im a flash developer and use it on nearly every site i make these days and almost always full screen. I am publishing more flash 8 sites and would love an example of how to make full screen with express install. you have full screen and express install i want both (thts why im a cry babby). if you could post something or point me in a direction on how to make it i am not HTML css wizzard i’ll even admit to using fireworks. flash object is awsome.

  3. Just another request (which I think has been mentioned only once before)- a method of showing non-Flash content when the correct Flash plug-in is detected (kind of opposite of what we’re normally trying to do). In this instance using swfObject to place multiple alternate links on a page to PDF or Flashpaper files depending on visitors’ browser settings.

  4. Dave: The fullscreen example can be converted to use ExpressInstall just by adding an extra “true” as the last argument in the ‘new SWFObject(…’ line.

    PennyMachines: You can already do this fairly easily. Look at the flashversion.html page to see how to get the installed Flash Player version and then just use if() statements to print out different text on the page.

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