Adobe user group meeting tonight in NYC

Schematic will be hosting the first of many Adobe User Group meetings tonight at the NYC office. If you are looking for something to do, stop on by. There will be two presentations:

  1. 7-8pm: Simulating Physics with Flash by Alec Cove
  2. 8-9pm: OOP Animation with Fuse by Roger Braunstein

The meeting will take place at 41 E. 11th st, 6th Floor at the Schematic NY office. The entrance is on 11th St. just east of University.

More information can be had on the AUG website.

12 thoughts on “Adobe user group meeting tonight in NYC

  1. Oh that’s really bad. This is not right that you are telling me at this point in time. well next time do tell me beforehand so that I can participate in that.

  2. I think you need to tell all of us well in advance so that we can plan accordingly. Things should be told well in advance so that we can really participate in that, rather than getting pissed off!

  3. hey Geoff,

    the link redirects to and requires a un/pw.

    I’d love to check out your user group sometime. best, Seth

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