Announcing the SWFFix project

SWFFix is a new joint project from myself and Bobby van der Sluis. The project’s goal is to replace SWFObject and UFO with a single method that is (hopefully) more standards compliant and doesn’t rely entirely on Javascript.

We’ve put up a dev blog on the site, and will be asking for help and feedback throughout the development cycle, so head over and watch the blog for updates in the coming weeks.

Bobby also has a great A List Apart article out today that talks about the problems with current Flash embed techniques.

82 thoughts on “Announcing the SWFFix project

  1. SWFObject saved (what little was left of) my hair from being pulled out of my head! A lifesaver. If SWFFIX improves on it, then I may have to Email you a beer! ;-)

  2. Regarding flash-related topics, I’ve been having trouble downloading files with swf extension. I’ve already installed the flash installer but nothing changed.

  3. It actually does work in some browsers, but it’s not ‘proper’ because it uses innerHTML to write HTML to the page. In order to be fully commpliant with application/xhtml+xml it would need to use DOM methods to create the object tag, but this is too buggy in most browsers to properly support I AGREE WİTH COMMENT

  4. Those who choose to take the “slights and disappointments” path, meanwhile, are very generously compensated for their trouble

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