One thought on “YouTube / Picasa Hackathon @ Google

  1. hey Geoff! swfobject ROCKS, in case you didn’t know it! :-)

    I know that you are not really supporting version 1.5 anymore, but I have a question anyhow (well, two… one about upgrading to 2.0)

    (these were originally posted on your fan club blog at, but if you can answer them, they can totally be deleted from there as they were not really in the appropriate place, my apologies for that, i was very tired at the time)

    1) how I can pass a parameter so that clicking on the flash movie (while it is playing, or after it completes) will go to an URL, just like a regular < a href > link would? I’m using swfobject1.5

    2) I know you didn’t write the Drupal code, but do you (or any of your Drupal users) know just how stable is the 5.x-2.0-beta1 version of the swfobject_api module for Drupal 5x (see… so that I could just upgrade and use swfobject2.0 instead of 1.5 ?

    thanks so much!

    Peter ‘Fish’ Fisera
    (new to swfobject, but not to coding… and a fan of good software when i see it!)

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