After Flash Forward

We just finished up our Flash Forward session. If you were watching I would love to hear feedback (just leave a comment or send me an e-mail).

Here are links to the projects we showed or talked about:

And if you couldn’t make it, Brandie posted some pictures.

UPDATE: Here’s the presentation in PDF format. (44MB)

I Choo Choo Choose You

A couple years back I was talking to some friends and they mentioned how cool it would be to have the Valentine’s Day cards from past Simpsons episodes. Among them the “I Choo Choo Choose You” that Ralph gives Lisa Lisa gives Ralph, and the “Bee Mine” card with the bee guy on it. The other card was actually “Let’s BEE Friends” and had nothing to do with the Bumblebee guy, even though I think it would have been way better if he was on it.

Well I thought it was such a good idea that I found a screenshot of the card online somewhere and traced it in Illustrator. So I’m offering the results of that for download so you can give your special someone a neat little card this year.

Here it is:

I Choo Choo Choose You

And click here to download the .eps version.

I don’t have a copy of the “Bee Mine” card, but I do know that someone traced it and placed it online at some point last year, so maybe with some luck that one will surface.

UPDATE (02-02-2005): Found the Bee card:

Courtesy of Jedrek Kostecki.

Let's BEE Friends

Download the .eps version.

UPDATE (02-08-2005): Also, if you are looking for some other great stuff for your girlfriend this valentine’s day, check out I See France for some nice underthings.

The Life Aquatic and the number 11

I just got back from seeing the newest Wes Anderson movie, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It was pretty good and definitely had the Wes Anderson trademarks: the un-fatherly father figure, the son without a role model, the rampant use of Futura.

I don’t want to give anything away, so let me just get to the point: all throughout the movie there are tons of references to the number 11. Some don’t seem to fit in at all with what’s going on and seem to have no real relevance to anything. I’m hoping that maybe someone can figure it out and clue me in.

Trying not to give any spoilers, here’s a list of things I noticed (there are more I think, but I can’t remember them all!):

  • Owen Wilson says about the shark: “I’ve got a feeling that we could see it from 111 feet in the air” (or something close)
  • The crewmember’s kid (German kid) is 11 years old(?)
  • In the sub the reporter says randomly about her baby “In 12 years he’ll be 11 1/2”
  • The last bowie song has the lyrics “I’m up on the eleventh floor / And I’m watching the cruisers below”

I also thought there was some mention of a “room 111” towards the beginning, but I’m not sure.

So what’s the big deal with the number 11? Someone give me a clue.

UPDATE (12-22-2004): I posted a thread on IMDB about this. No responses with any good guesses, but someone did point out that the Royal Tenenbaums lived at 111 Archer ave.

New Netscape browser screenshots

I just saw some screenshots of the new Netscape browser that is in development.

Of particular interest is this one that shows a preference pane with the option to “Display like Netscape” or “Display like Internet Explorer”. This really seems strange to me, since 95% or more of internet users these days proabably don’t know the difference between the two.

So who is this feature for? The web developers who need to test their content on multiple browsers? Surely most web developers would use the full versions of these browsers to check their pages, but now this adds an additional possibility of your pages breaking. Not only will you have to check your pages in “Netscape,” but “Netscape using Internet Explorer.”