Speaking at Flash on the Beach

I’ve been invited back to speak at Flash on the Beach this year. I’ll be giving a talk about the YouTube player APIs and how you can use YouTube in your online projects.

Flash on the Beach is a fantastic conference in Brighton at the end of September, and it’s one of the best Flash and design conferences to check out.

Registration is now open, so if you’re looking for an excuse to head to the UK, this is it.

Also, next week is Google I/O (Flight of the Conchords are playing a show there!), which I believe still has a few tickets available, and just next month I’ll be heading off to Flashbelt in Minneapolis, so come say ‘Hi’ if you see me wandering around either of these events.

Going West

Three years ago I moved from Tucson, AZ to the big city of New York. And now, in about two weeks I’ll be leaving the east coast for San Francisco.

I’m very happy to announce that I recently accepted a job working at Google (specifically on YouTube). We’re moving out on May 1st, and don’t know too many people out there, so if you’re in the area and want to get some beers, let me know!

New York is a fantastic city, and I’m a a bit sad to leave it (and Schematic), but at the same time am at least equally excited about the new job.

The Chopping Block is now hiring a Design Technologist

The Chopping Block is searching for a creative minded Programmer/Design Technologist. “We’re looking for a individual who is not afraid of stepping into the ring and landing a few solid punches.”

Primary responsibilities are (about 50% of your time):

  • Building Flash websites (using AS 1 and 2) that load data in dynamically (usually from XML files).
  • Authoring valid and semantic XHTML and styling it with CSS, using Javascript (AJAX and DOM) to enhance those Flash and XHTML websites. Familiarity with FlashObject and sIFR is a plus.
  • Cross browser compatibility is very important, so being able to work around all of IE’s quirks and Safari’s shortcomings is a required.
  • Having a good eye for design and good usability practices is a must.
  • Managing production artists and designers and being the technical lead on multiple projects at once.

Secondary responsibilities (about 30% of your time):

  • Building or modifying the back end for those websites using server side technologies like PHP, Java, ASP.NET, Ruby (on rails), MySQL, XML and XSLT.
  • Administering production and development web servers and e-mail (familiarity with Plesk is a big plus), including using Mailman to manage mailing lists.

Other responsibilities (about 15% of your time):

  • Assisting the principals in maintaining a small network of OSX workstations and a couple OSX file/web servers and a couple of Windows PCs.

And last (about 5%):

To apply, please send your resume in PDF or plain text format, along with a link to your online portfolio (or examples of your work) to jobs@choppingblock.com.

UPDATE (9-29-05): The spot has been filled, but if you are looking for work it wouldn’t hurt to send your info over to them in case they need more people!

After Flash Forward

We just finished up our Flash Forward session. If you were watching I would love to hear feedback (just leave a comment or send me an e-mail).

Here are links to the projects we showed or talked about:

And if you couldn’t make it, Brandie posted some pictures.

UPDATE: Here’s the presentation in PDF format. (44MB)