Edison Woods at Joe’s pub

On November 30th, Edison Woods will be playing at Joe’s Pub. I recently stumbled across this band while reading through The Morning News and have been listening to The Sevien Principles of Leave No Trace over and over for weeks. So you can bet I’ll be checking out this show.

Looks like you can buy tickets here (search for ‘edison woods’ since their website is retarded and doesn’t seem to allow direct links), and they also have a little description of the band, which I’ll steal and post:

Edison Woods is a band of villains with a soft spot for love songs. To see them feels a bit like stumbling upon a strange lost film. Telling their tales with strings and piano, baritone sax and guitars, this eight piece group includes the vocals of Julia Frodahl and members of Antony & The Johnsons. “Edison Woods brings a unique mix of earthy lo-fi songs and cinematic landscapes…One can hear the lushness of Goldfrapp, the textural subtleties of The Dirty Three, the eerie qualities of Julee Cruise, and in Julia’s voice the humble ponderings of Cat Power’s Chan Marshall.” – CD Baby

Now I just have to find someone to go with me…