Stuffed. (and Gameboy DS)

My boss (Matthew) was super cool and invited me out to his wife’s aunt’s place for Thanksgiving since I have no family within easy traveling distance. It was awesome, Turkey, Salmon, all kinds of awesome desserts (I even scored some Tiramisu leftovers which will be gone before the sun rises I think).

He also happened to be wandering through a Best Buy the other day right after the new GameboyNintendo DS things were released. And they had some in stock. So of course he had to buy one. I was playing some Metroid and some Mario 64 on the train (slightly different, but the same levels from the N64 version) and I have to say it is a pretty awesome thing. I think I may have to buy one. I haven’t bought a portable game device since the original Gameboy came out, and I’m not really a huge video game player these days.

The most exciting part I think is the wireless multiplayer things. I Imagine we’ll start seeing people riding around on subway cars playing quick multiplayer games during their daily commute (Matthew thinks the subways will be the new gaming hubs, and we’ll see kids riding and riding all day just playing video games).

I do have a couple small requests though:

  1. Give me the ability to invert the controls for metroid and other 3rd person shooters. I’m used to pushing my mouse forward to look down, and if I can’t have the same controls on the DS, I probably won’t play the game.
  2. Someone needs to develop little thumb covers for using your thumb on the touch screen. The included strap with the plastic bump gets loose too fast and isn’t very comfortable. A little glove finger with a plastic bump on it would be perfect (although it would look really stupid, but you have to make sacrifices sometimes in the name of good video games).

2 thoughts on “Stuffed. (and Gameboy DS)

  1. yeah, the DS looks cool and even after just days of the launch there is already a plethora of things you can buy to add to your DS experience, cases etc. but one of the more toeable ones is replaceable covers for the screens, much like those of PDA’s. personally I want a full fledged gaming glove.

    but the way if you didn’t already know the folks that developed warppipe for the game cube are now working on something alongside the big N for the wireless over the internet play on the DS since it has its own short range network plus 802.11b. check the forums at people are trying to get the DS to tunnel through an existing network right now on their own, the mystery project page for their new project is

    I hope to find one under the tree from santa.

  2. That’s really interesting… Maybe I’ll bust out Kismac next time i can get my hands on a DS and see exactly how the wireless works. All you’d need was a packet filter that grabs all your DS packets and forwards them using the existing warp pipe software.

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