Speaking at Flash Forward Austin 2006

I’ll be giving a presentation at Flash Forward Austin this year on SWFObject. Here’s the session description from the Flash Forward website:

Embedding Flash® content and detecting Flash Player is one of the most overlooked parts of Flash development. In this session, Geoff Stearns will cover everything you need to know about Flash Player detection and embedding using SWFObject (http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/), including best practices, accessiblity, Express Install, Flash/Javascript communication, and search engine optimization.

Also covered in this session will be information on the recent Eolas / Active content changes to Internet Explorer and how to embed your Flash content so your users won’t have to click your content first to ’activate’ it.

I may also try to dip into some of my thoughts on Flash and search engine optimization as well.

For those of you who caught the presentation I gave with Matthew at the last NYC Flash Forward, imagine that presentation, but with more technical information and less good looking slides ;).

23 thoughts on “Speaking at Flash Forward Austin 2006

  1. So any plans yet on attending Ausin City Limits? (kidding) Thats great man, Flash Samuri on tour! Congrats!

  2. Loving SWF object. Thanks for making it so easy to use.
    Only thing is, doesn’t seem to work in Opera. Using version 8.5.1
    Anyone else reported this?

  3. Are you sure you have Flash Player installed? Try opening the flashversion.html page and see what it tells you.

  4. Perhaps Flash Player is installed. But sometimes OS do not understand what kind of files format should that player to use.
    Try to show him the full path to the flash object. That may help.
    Or just try to open it in the different browsers. And check the browsers settings. Perhaps playing flash objects is disallowed there.

  5. “SWFObject works fine with Flash Player 9.”

    I keep getting “Out of Memory” errors when using SWFOBject/IE. It seems to have something to do with the ExternalAPI and calling JavaScript functions from the SWF… The error only appears when “unloading” the page. With Flash8 it works fine!

    Anyone else have experienced this?

  6. The out of memory errors are actually a Flash Player 9 bug – you’ll get them even if you don’t use swfobject.

    It seems that if you have more than 1 swf on the page, and at least one of them is using ExternalInterface, you’ll get the error when the page unloads (or you travel to a new page) – and it only happens in IE.

    The next version of SWFObject will fix this by overriding the Adobe code in fp9, and will be out shortly. If you want the latest version now, you can get it out of the SWFObject SVN repository at svn.deconcept.com/swfobject/

  7. I posted new about Flash Action Script on my web. If there is anything you don’t understand you can ask me
    on my blog
    , eventhough I won’t be here for 2 weeks, I’ll try to answer you as soon as possible.

  8. I recently had some similar problems an it turned out that my OS had somehow gotten corrupted. Once I re installed XP, all those strange errors disappeared.


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