Flash Player 9 and Flex 2 released

Adobe released Flash Player 9 today. Go upgrade. They also released Flex 2, but as of yet still no Mac version of the IDE, so us mac users are stuck with the SDK and a pain in the ass to set it up.

Maybe someone has a nice workflow for it that works with Textmate?

14 thoughts on “Flash Player 9 and Flex 2 released

  1. The plugin detection works fine, but the Express Install functionality will need to be updated. I’ll be releasing an update shortly.

  2. i had to add this and now it works again. thanks for your great job!!!
    Line 71: swfNode = ‘<embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowScriptAccess=”always”

  3. You can do the same thing on a selective basis by using:

    so.addParam("allowscriptaccess", "always");

    I’ve only ever needed that when testing things like ExternalInterface locally.

  4. I think now there will be no problem in working. Thnx for the information. But I think it’s not universal that everybody can use it. if you could just update that users list as well.

  5. sorry for the last post, the code i tried to post was filtered, obviously the system thinks there was an html injection but the changes are in the getFlashHTML function in the second part (IE part)

  6. Trendy Flah Site Builder 1.0 isn’t working with Flash 9 and with IE, but works on Mozilla 1.5… anyone knows how to solve the problems? I need it to fix the Trendy flash bugs with flash 9. Thanks

  7. Hi !
    Trendy Flash has some problems to load completely with Flash 9!
    anyone knows how to solve this issue.
    I used a registered trendyflash site builder 1.0 , IE 6 and Flash 9.
    Best regards

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