Back from Flash Forward

Well, I’m back from Austin with a belly full of bar-b-q. Had a great time, and I think my presentation went off pretty well.

I’ve uploaded the slides here (PDF). If anyone saw it and wants to give feedback on it, I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to post here or e-mail me directly with pointers for next time.

15 thoughts on “Back from Flash Forward

  1. Hi Geoff – my brain is still recovering from overload after attending all the awesome sessions at FF2006, of all the ones I attended I know that yours will be amongst the most useful to me! Thank you for taking the time afterwards to answer some of my questions too – was greatly appreciated! :) Jay Moreno, SA, TX.

  2. Great stuff Geoff – definitely commited to mastering the swfobject – when you get a moment
    upload some of those Austin pics. :) – peace.

    – Arnold

  3. Hey, Geoff–The first ten minutes of your session alone were worth the price of admission. Thanks for swfobject!
    ~PCarlson, Los Angeles

  4. Geoff,
    Your SWFObject js file is great! I looked at your PDF slides & the article on Macromedia as well.
    I was curious on what the best way is to mod it so that it can be used more than one instance of flash
    on a page. When I try that now I get “so” undefined. So I created a new var for it, but the same error appears.

  5. You seem like a great individual: Takes awsome photos and know programing/computers as well a real reneaissance man for sure! Now I am stupid as they come, despite being a graphc designer here in LA and can’t get Flash to run in my IE 6.0….That’s how your name came up when I google for some explanation….IF you can tell me WHY it doesn’t work EXCEPT when I UNINSTALL IT hwne I am at the site with embedded flash and then WHILE STILL THHER I download and install Flash for the n:th time…EVERY time I go to a site with Flash or Java for that matter? What is going on here? I have wiped my whole diska and reinstalled Windows XP Pro and STILL NO CHANGE! You would make my day if you could tell me what I am doing wrong/have set wrong on my browser (all in default).


  6. swf object isn’t working with IE, latest version of flash player. Anyone know why? Works fine after you click bypass detection link.

  7. Usually if the detection doesn’t work, it can either be:

    1) Your plugin *version* is too low – (you have flash 7 but the page requires flash 8 or 9)

    2) Your install is corrupt – this happens quite often with plugin switcher apps… get the uninstaller from adobe and then reinstall it

  8. I’m having some trouble getting the express install to work.

    I have included the as file and added as to first frame of movie. The movie stops but there is no message to download flash or a button like there is in your example. Am I missing something? Where does that message and button come from. When I view the SO tester fla file I don’t see anything in there that looks like the message and button to down load flash. Where does that come from?


  9. That movieclip is attached from the library.

    I recommend just using the alternative ‘simple’ method that is commented out in the fla – that way thre is no custom message.

  10. Yeah thats what i ended up doing but it still doesn’t work. First attempt it would always tell me it needed new version of flash player even though i already have nine. Now its not working at all.

    What is the correct javascript file to use with this?

  11. The one in the current zip file (1.4.4)

    If you are still having problems, you should sign up for the SWFObject mailing list and ask for help there. (The link is on the SWFObject page)

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