Using progressive enhancement with Flash

There’s a fantastic article on Adobe’s devnet site that Bobby wrote (he’s the guy who wrote SWFObject’s biggest competition, UFO*). All about progressive enhancement with Flash. It includes helping your Flash content get picked up by search engines, supporting people without the Flash player, and a ton of other good info. Go have a read.

* But hey, it’s not really a competition, use whatever works best for you.

10 thoughts on “Using progressive enhancement with Flash

  1. Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for your contribution the world, really, with SWFObject. I have two questions I’m hoping you can answer. 1. You say that search engines spider the DIV (alt.content), right? So, I’m wondering, if I put the metadata that flash “would” generate, (eg.

    2007 Chevrolet Corvette2007 Chevrolet Corvette video

    I’m not sure if this doctype is unique to Flash and would tell the browser “here is some Flash in this html page, and also here is some metadata describing it. What are you thoughts on this becuase I’m thinking for my video, i just use one swf and changing metadata evertime is not an option, that maybe I can “kill two birds with one stone” by embedded the flash metadata in the SWFObject DIV (alt.content). Do you have any thoughts on if this would work? If it would, i would just dynamically change what’s in the DIV each time. 2nd Question has to do with SWFObject in Firefox. I notice that when placing transparent Flash content in an iFrame and positioning absolutely over a page, that the flash object stays even though i put a blank keyframe to have no content when the movie is done. Here is an example. > New Car landing page and look at the Flash content in the header. In IE, after the flash plays our header is clickable. In Firefox, the object remains and content underneath is not clickable. Any idea of a workaround on how I would “delete or hide” the SWFObject when the movie is done? Hope this makes sense.

    //Michael Kaufman

  2. This is fantastic help – thank you very much. Getting the search engines to pick up flash sites is really definitely something that is very useful. Also, supporting viewers without flash. Although, I find it strange that some people don’t have flash. Flash has become quite a standard these days, if you ask me, and most people do have it installed.
    Still, there are probably a few die-hards out there who just blatantly refuse to do so. Weird. Great information here, thanks again.

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