What’s the haps, chaps?

No good nerd info in this post, just wanted to brag give an update as to what I’m up to the next few weeks/months.

Today is the start of a new semester at Cooper, which means a new XHTML + Flash class! Next week I’m off to Austin for Flash Forward, where I’ll give a presentation about SWFObject and general Flash embedding. If you are going, feel free to stop and say ‘hi.’ If you can’t make it to Flash Forward, I’ll be heading to the UK in December for Flash on the Beach, where I’ll be giving another presentation, this one will be geared more towards Flash and Web 2.0 stuff living in harmony (Yes! It’s possible!).

Also: “The most influential Flash site of the decade” uses SWFObject (FlashObject actually, but same thing).

Also (again): The 5th edition of Javascript: The definitive guide is out. I got a copy yesterday from O’reilly (I did a tech review of one of the chapters a while back) and I must say that it’s fantastic. The 4th edition of the book was great, and is one of the only books that has a permanant spot on my desk, so this is a very welcome update.

That’s about it. What’s new with you?

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