Speaking at the Ajax Experience

I just found out the other day that the Ajax Experience has invited me to come talk about Flash to a bunch of Ajax nerds this July. This should be a really fun one (no, really!). My talk will be on how to use Flash *with* that fancy Ajax app you are building, so enhance it and give it that little extra kick. Think of it as an introduction to using Flash happily with Ajax techniques.

It’s got a fantastic lineup if you are into the whole Ajax thing, so I definitely suggest checking it out.

Check out my session outline for more info.

Also: Flashbelt is only 2 weeks away! It’s JUNE already. Time to hit the upper midwest and talk Flash with all the cool Flash nerds again. If you haven’t looked at Flashbelt and are itching for a conference, this will be a nice one to check out.

UPDATE: Apparently, there’s only 50 tickets left for Flashbelt, so get your tickets now if you are planning on going!

9 thoughts on “Speaking at the Ajax Experience

  1. Any chance you can ellobrate about where Flash is not good for? Privately or via comments. Thanks.

  2. Well, there’s quite a few things you could say HTML or other technologies do better than Flash in a few areas.

    Usability is a big one, and things like searchability. The drawbacks of using Flash have been talked about quite a bit – I’m sure you could find a lot of reasons if you do a little search.

  3. I personally can’t get passed the ‘searchability’ issue of Flash. I get a lot of customers who consistently want EVERYTHING FLASH!!!!!!! This and That flying everywhere with all content housed in flash. It really kills ranking and ‘searchability’.

    I think languages like Ajax are great, they are not only increasing usability, but allowing people to have many bells and whistles while not using flash as much.

    When will my swf’s be indexed by the search engines? :)

  4. Sorry for bothering you directly, but I have not been able to find anything about my problem in searchs.

    In Safari, when security option ‘Enable plug-ins’ is unchecked, SWFObject still seems to detect the flash player (therefore does not redirect). However, Safari blocks loading the Flash content.

    Any suggestions on this? If I could detect this preference with JS somehow that would be great.

  5. “Freelance web design”: your swfs are already being indexed, but it’s usually more effective to alternate html pages for the engines to read.

    Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about this – I consider it a flaw in the way safari handles flash content when you have the plugins disabled. According to the js lookup, the plugin is still available, but it blocks the player at some point after that. So it would take quite a bit of work to figure out if flash is on or off (you could do it by embedding a swf and having the swf call some js, but that’s a pain).

  6. Excellent workaround Geoff! Embaressed I didn’t think of it, but hey! Since our Flex app is already talking back to JS onLoad, your idea is perfect. I’ll just need to write some sort of interval check function. You’re a bad-ass dude!

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