Incredibly nerdy Valentine’s day cards

I’ve been seeing way more nerdy Valentine’s day cards this year than I have in the past. So I thought I would collect some here for you to share with your friends and lovers!

I’ll start with a classic, and one that I first posted here on my blog years ago after tracing the card from a still from the Simpsons. The post still gets tons of traffic each year as Valentine’s day rolls around:

I choo choo choose you

Next up, what nerd doesn’t appreciate science? A fantastic set cards for those types from Ironic Sans:

I select you, naturally

I'm sagan all my love for you I'm falling for you

Economists are huge nerds, too. They can share their feelings through charts!

Our risk of default is zero. Short the market and go long on you.

[Side note: Did you know that Florence Nightingale was a pioneer in the use of data visualization? Amazing!]

If cards aren’t your thing, there’s this great t-shirt:

You are the CSS to my HTML

And of course, what nerd Valentine’s day would be complete without acknowledging the fact that many nerds are forever single. For that, we have Forever Alone Guy. Head over to to see what he’s up to this year.


UPDATE: A late entry, but maybe you can find them next year! These Game of Thrones valentine cards from Chris Bishop are fantastic.

Game of Thrones Valentine cards by Chris Bishop