Off to Apollo camp! (UPDATE: not!)

UPDATE: Well, my flight was canceled this morning due to the weather over here. All other flights out today were booked, so it looks like I’ll be sitting this one out. Poop.

I’m heading out to Apollo camp in the morning. I’ll get into SFO around noon and make my way up to the city to wander around until it starts, then I’ll be spending the weekend in the city visiting some friends and just relaxing a bit.

I’ll be there with a couple other Schematic folks, and we are always looking for hot Flash talentâ„¢, so say hello if you are looking for work, or just want to say hi.

9 thoughts on “Off to Apollo camp! (UPDATE: not!)

  1. word, nice to see I wasn’t the only one making the cross country trip for this ;)
    i got in to the city today, the weather is damn nice out here, and i think i’m going to go find a hole in the wall and crawl in it.

    .chris davis.

  2. Google has a new “Badware” detector. Is swfobject causing my search results to come up in google as: “This site may harm your computer.” ??

    Click My name above to view the search results in google and see what i mean.


  3. I don’t see how SWFObject would cause Google to think that. Thousands of websites use SWFObject (including YouTube, which Google owns).

    Maybe you should find a way to contact them and figure out why they are marking your site that way?

  4. I knew there was a way to do this but I didn’t want to have to use a forum software for this functionality, because, the actual forum aspect would have been superfluous… don’t add more than you need seems to be a good policy

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